Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gurney Drive Hawker Food

Gurney Drive is one of the places that most tourists who go to Penang go to for hawker food. We did the same given that I've not been in Penang since my teens. There seems to be three sections to Gurney Drive and may be we weren't in the know and chose poorly as we weren't that impress with some of the stalls we sampled.
Penang fried kway teow has been much talked about and I had to try a plate to see why people are so crazy about this dish. The hawker we ordered from delivered a plate that lacked oomph.
Then came the cuttlefish and kangkong, it was okay only. Next came the oyster omelette, which was very good and it got our spirits up.The next night, I tried Penang laksa.Prawn noodles.and wanton noodles.of the three dishes on the second night, only the wanton noodles was a hit with us.

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