Saturday, January 24, 2009

White-Bellied Sea Eagle Family

I was working in my home office and I heard the familiar calls of the White-Bellied Sea Eagles. The family was somewhere in the sky and I had to find them as they are just so awesome to watch gliding on a thermal column using their feet as rudders.By the time I found them in the sky, they had caught a good thermal column and were climbing up in circular spirals ever higher.
To my delight instead of four eagles, there were five. The pair had brought up three young birds and they were still staying with the young birds. I wonder how long will the young eagles stay with their parents for?
The other three were to high for the camera to pick-up but it was simply awesome to watch this family. If only they could still perch on their favorite dead standing trees. We're going to miss seeing these birds peering down at us from their lofty vantage points.

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