Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dewy Mornings Can Be Magical

With the evening showers come mystical mornings such as this one. I took a walk with my camera and took random shots of what I was enjoying while walking through the field.
The wild grass flowers along the stream were covered with mist of tiny dew drops and it looked like a page out from some temperate locale.Amongst, the dew covered grass was a peacock pansy warming itself up with its wings spread out facing the sun.Not only was the sun warming up the butterfly, it was also burning off the water hanging in the moist air that gave the field its magical quality.High up in the canopy was a pair of banded woodpecker tap, tap, tapping away at the wood to get at their breakfast.Sometimes look up at the trees as nature has a way of creating lovely designs. Against the clear blue skies they stand out.


Shawn said...

Just went to McRitchie again today. Guess what, I found absolutely NOTHING! It wasn't raining today and hence I was expecting to find a few interesting animals. But all I saw was a baby Malayan Water Monitor at the park.

P.S I managed to photograph damselflies mating. First Time!

Shirls said...

Shawn, have patience. You're in a new location. Familiarize yourself with the location and learn the rythm of the area. You can't make animals appear for you, they are there just whether they will let you see them.

Congratulations on being able to photograph damselflies.