Monday, March 16, 2009

Portrait Of A Juvenile Flowerpecker

This little bird plonked itself in front of me but it was in an awkward position and too much light around it.Not Flickr quality photos but good enough for a little blogging fun.
The flowerpecker is another favorite bird of mine as they are tiny and oh so cute. This little one is the epitome of cuteness.
What makes it special, is this bird is a fledgling. See how the bird's beak still has the shape of a baby bird's and it is still has a bright yellow in color.


Shawn said...

Thats a juvenile? It looks rather big to me.
Anyway, which part of which nature reserve do you live next to? I recently had a trip to MacRitchie Reservoir. All I found was A Green Crested Lizard. I didn't go all th way to the canopy walk as it started raining before that.

Shirls said...

Well it is still a juve even though it is adult size.

I like near the venus road tree top walk carpark. There's a lot of life around the MacRitchie area. However, if the weather is turning the forest is still.