Friday, April 10, 2009

Spending Time At The Zoo

I went to the zoo and as I drove into the car park four birds on the edge of the car park caught my attention. They were foraging on the grass patch. I immediately parked the car, grabbed the camera and slowly approached the birds. They were strange looking birds.I ended having a friend help me identify the birds. The foursome were Masked Lapwing and are native to Australia. These birds belong to the zoo and should be in the Rhino enclosure. They may have flown out of the Rhino enclosure to take a break.
Although, I've been to the zoo several times it was the first time I spent time in areas other than the Fragile Forest.
I managed to catch the feeding session for the Maned Wolves. The pair looked like foxes fed on growth hormone. They were large and had the coloration of a Red Fox. The wolves are from South America.White Handed Gibbon is another primate that I tried photographing several times but with little success. The conditions were just right as the gibbon was sitting in the shade at almost eye level.Then I spent sometime with the rather photo friendly Orang Utans that were posing for visitors. How can you go wrong with such faces like these?

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