Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bagging Barbets: Red-Crowned Barbet

I'm having a fever, barbet fever. Barbets are plump looking birds with large heads, short tails. They are usually have bright green plumage. The first barbets for me were the two species that I photographed in the Western Ghats. They and the four remaining species left in Singapore belong the the Asian Barbet family.
I have for the past three days, been observing a pair of Red-Crowned Barbets, which are uncommon here in Singapore. This species live in the forest and are threatened due to habitat loss. Hence, I was fortunate to spot this pair that were too busy feeding to bother who was standing under the tree watching them.The pair were plucking fruits off the curry leaf tree and keeping them in their mouths. This could only mean that they are on nesting duty.


Shawn said...

Nice Shots! Were these from India? I've seen many light green barbets in India, probably the most common one. These are really colourful and pretty. ;) Great Shots.

Shirls said...

Hi Shawn, these birds were sighted here in Singapore. They are a forest dwelling species and are quite rare due to habitat loss.

Goes to show that we need to save what is left of our rain forest habitat before we lose more wildlife. ;)

Gardeners said...

Amazing, didn't know they are still with us. Thanks for sharing!