Friday, August 20, 2010

Whistle stop - Beijing

A business trip brought me to Beijing for a day and a half. All that I saw of the capital was the airport, hotel, office and the airport. On the first night after my meeting ended, I grabbed a cab and headed to Beijing’s popular Ghost Street located near Dongzhimen. I was looking forward to walking around hawker stalls, sampling local food and snapping photos. Instead, Ghost Street was lined on both sides by restaurants.
Much to my disappointment, I couldn't sample local fare. Hailed a cab and headed back to the Hilton for dinner.
Had hoped that the cafe would serve decent Chinese food given that the cooks were all Chinese. Settled for wagyu beef hor fun, which turned out greasy and not too tasty. I asked for green chili to cut the grease guess what I got sliced up green capsicum, which was sweet not spicy hot. Back in the hotel room, sigh.... FB and were on the blocked list. Hahahaha! I wasn't in Singapore for sure. Settled for work instead.

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