Monday, October 18, 2010

Landscape photography workshop that wasn't

The main reason for the 9-day trip was to pick-up tips and develop my eye for landscape photography. 
However, the workshop wasn't too hot and things went south for me very quickly. My biggest issue was the lack of guidance and the lack of translation. We were all just turned lose when we got to each location. I know how to handle a camera but I paid to attend a workshop to learn, and I expect proper guidance from the workshop leader. Instead, instructions were passed around participants willy-nilly. At one location, I scratched my head when another participant told me that the workshop leader had said to line up the wind turbines in the background along with lighthouse. Huh? They were all too far apart to get onto a frame. 
I had to climb up a flight of stairs to look for the person to clarify. Only to get a different set of information while the person was busy taking photos.
At another location, I decided to test the person by asking for help, all I got was a silly response. It wasn't the kind of response I expected of an instructor.
The final straw that broke the camel's back - was being told to get out of the way as I was in the photo.

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