Friday, September 14, 2007

Phoenix Claws aka Chicken Feet

It is one of those days when I just had to try something different instead of the normal wanton noodles. My deviation was braised mushroom and chicken feet noodles for lunch. I may not speak Chinese but I do eat some of the strange and sometimes yummy stuff that my mom use to stick under my nose. So this was my plate of braised chicken feet and shitake mushroom on egg noodles that I got from the hawker center this afternoon.
This stall is very popular, especially with the breakfast crowd but I thought I'd drive to the hawker center to see if they are open during lunch. Yes, they were and they even served the noodles to you. In the mornings, it is self-service as there are just too many orders.This plate costs only $2.50 and the noodles were al dante but the lady forgot that I wanted my noodles with chili. Don't get me wrong I eat lots of chili but for certain dishes I prefer them non spicy.The puffy feet were very tender and they melted in my mouth and the bones were soft enough to chew. They are boiled, dried and deep fried before they are braised in dark soy sauce and spices till tender.


elyani said...

Shirls, am a Chinese descent but I don't speak Chinese either. It is not a problem here but when I go to Singapore, the uncles or aunties at the food court often talked to me in Hokkien. Perhaps I was mistaken as a local? Anyway, the chicken feet looks super yummy. Which food court did you go? Any name of the stall I may know? Do you mind sharing me the recipe of that chicken feet like in the picture? Thanks.

Shirls said...

elyani, I've never made this dish too much trouble for one person so no recipe. I can guess how it's done but won't, this is one dish that I'd just eat at a stall. You can go to Blk 162 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, #01-02 Jin Song.