Monday, May 16, 2011

Weaver birds - native and non-native

The Baya Weaver birds are in the midst of their nesting season. Last year, this site was a hive of activity but this year the number of nests are fewer and there weren't many complete nests.

There was one nest that was near complete and the pair were busy putting in the finishing touches. 
Only to be interrupted by several bullies that came to raid nest materials. The weavers couldn't do much in terms of defence and the mob strategy didn't work with the Asian Glossy Starlings. They left only when the leader of the flock decided to leave.
On the opposite side of the island, another colony of weaver birds were also in the midst of nesting at Tampines Eco Green. However, these birds aren't native species, the Asian Golden Weaver birds are usually found up north of Singapore in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.
No one knows how these birds came to be in the park but these introduced species seem to be thriving. Best guess is someone released a cage of these birds into the park. It may not be recent but the act of releasing animals to gain merit or as a symbolic gesture of compassion is still practiced by some. Here's my post from November last year where a family was seen releasing bags of fish into the Jurong Lake. Remember releasing animals into the wild may do more harm than good most will not survive. Those that do compete with our native species like the American Bullfrogs. Read these posts: -
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