Sunday, January 03, 2010

Saying goodbye to the decade and 2009

I have wanted to write this blob before the close of 2009 but I needed sometime to organize my thoughts. The last decade had been an interesting one. It saw me accomplish many things and also overcome setbacks that made me a stronger person.
Some of the best decisions that I have made are: -
  • Taking over my family home, rebuilding the old house, and making it my home. That journey was extremely rewarding and I must say I had lots of fun with the project. Towards the end of the project funds were tight and I ended up helping to do some endorsements to cover the short fall. Overall, heck I thought out of the box. It still pleases me quite a bit to see my bedroom on the cover of a book, and the house featured in an architectural book right below the Singapore Zoo.
  • Putting my name into the green card lottery and actually winning. Okay, I paid fees to an immigration lawyer to sort out paperwork but the experience was interesting especially my interview. Unfortunately, I had to set my dreams aside for my mom, who was ill. I still have my green card but am living in Singapore.
  • Taking in Ruben who was left stranded in Singapore by his owner. He became the most expensive cat I ever owned because of his medical problems but he was also the BEST cat I ever rescued. Ruben had personality and charisma like no other cat and everyone who knew him loved him for his calm and knowing ways.
  • Taking in an old abandon Shih Tzu that was half blind and had skin problems. I named her Lucky, and she became Ruben’s Odie of sorts. A dog that had a big heart but wasn’t too smart.
  • Downshifting and turning my back on the rat race. The decision wasn’t entirely one that I would have made on my own. However, my mom’s illnesses were getting worse and things kind of just happened. It took some time to adjust income and lifestyle wise but once I got over the shock. It wasn’t that bad.
  • Exploring other avenues. Finally had time to pick-up old hobbies again and I jumped into digital photography. The journey took me to new places that I did not know existed in Singapore and got me acquainted with the wild side of Singapore.
2009 saw a number of upheavals: -
  • Mom’s health was getting worse and we spent lots of time at the hospital. She finally passed away in August after a long battle.
  • Meow, my oldest cat whom I rescued from certain death had to be put down. She was 17 years old and had multiple organ failure.
  • At the same time, Ruben was diagnosed with feline renal failure and I tried to prolong his life for as long as I could. However, I decided in August that he was just not going to make it and I had to let him go.
Though 2009 has been a bittersweet year, it was one that was filled with lots of memories too. The huge collection of photos I have amassed. I am finally getting to volunteer at the zoo and helping to show adults and children that insects such as the walking sticks are not to be feared. My reward is seeing the wonder on people's faces as they overcome their fears.
Finally, I could not have gone through 2009 on my own and I am blessed with many people who lent a helping hand. I would like to salute the people whom I know as family and friends. Thank You. To new beginnings, as I take steps to stretch myself again as I head on with my learning journey.

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